Our Associates

Gómez & Associates is a tight circle of friends and colleagues that have similar values, mindsets and a variety of expertise and experiences to help individuals and organizations grow and develop. Compared to other training and development organizations that have one way of doing things, we are truly an alliance and association bringing together a group of professionals that each owns their own business. When Gómez & Associates gather for a client engagement, our network approach brings clients the benefit of diverse perspectives, distinct experiences and the best solutions for the project; far removed from group think and stagnant methodologies. Our association affords us the exceptional ability to bring together consultants, coaches, facilitators and business professionals who fundamentally understand the challenges and needs facing individuals and companies today.

Whether your pain point is the need for an initiative to develop leadership capacity; processes to drive innovation and creativity for new solutions and products or attracting, hiring, and retaining top talent, members of our team have been there. Let us bring over 20 years of experience and firsthand knowledge to meet your organizational development needs and deliver the catalyst that unleashes the core potential that underlies every individual and organization.

Elfego Gomez III

Dr. Shanna Teel, PhD

Edwin Bodensiek

Stuart Parsons

Joette Borzak

Steve Rudolph

Dr. Michael Patterson, MD

Christopher Lowell